Lucas distributor low tension connectors

We have comprehensive stocks of all commonly required Lucas distributor low tension connectors.


DM2 LOW TENSION CONNECTORS, made here in the UK on our new tooling, using modern Polybutylene Terepthalate material, which is light years ahead of  what Lucas used originally.

There are two variants, both are accommodated in the twin steel prongs of the DM2 lower baseplate , unlike the later 25D low tension connectors which reside in the alloy casting of the actual distributor body.

They are complete with  correctly dimensioned  offset 2BA pin, nut & shake proof washer & high quality black woven insulated wire correctly terminated with  a tanged flag terminal to prevent spinning whilst tightening the points securing nut.

  1. 422238DD with 2BA terminal .a.k.a. BMC 37H2981, Stanpart 502283422238DD Lucas low tension connector
  2. 54412750 with Male Lucas blade terminal.a.k.a. BMC 57H534654412750 Lucas low tension connector


422238DD Lucas low tension connector