Lucas distributor condensers

We have comprehensive stocks of all commonly required Lucas distributor condensers.


The quality of the commonly available condensers is very poor, in terms of both the physical fit & the performance /longevity. We have recently dismantled & examined 4 examples of the orange wired versions, from 4 different factories all around the globe. All of which are readily available & prevalent in the UK. The results confirmed our suspicions & why we are having so many phone calls from owners who've fallen victim to them. Original specification Lucas condensers & ours have 3 metres of winding inside, the orange ones have between 1 metre & 1.5 metres. The internal bonding & construction also left a lot to be desired.



Condenser tester

After a recent very unsatisfactory experience with a "bought in" T series MG condenser, not of our manufacture, we decided to bite the bullet & have a bespoke condenser tester made to our specification. We can now be 100% sure of function prior to fitting & are in the process of making correct T series condensers.

  • RD7774, top quality resin potted condenser RD7774, top quality resin potted condenser, sold singly.
    Often mounted as a pair.
    Also known as CD369
    Fits Bentley MKVI, Rolls Royce R type and Silver Dawn.
  • Distributor condenser 405833 for Ford 8 and Ford 10 Lucas part number 405833
    High quality potted resin condenser to fit Ford 8 and Ford 10 with iron body distributor 40286.
    The condenser sits externally underslung in a loop.
    Ford number YE12300.
  • Distributor condenser 407044, 400308, 484249These are high quality condensers made for us to the correct original specifications, with no shortcuts or skimping in manufacturing processes, which is what causes the reliability issues many users have suffered from. Lucas originally made three separate part numbers to cover these applications, but we now use one common condenser with bracket variations to achieve the same result.
    The capacitance of 0.23 mpf is the same in all applications.
    407044 fits DX/DY/DZ & DVX variants & has the bracket in the centre.
    400308 fits DK4A/DK6A with the bracket at the end.
    484249 fits DJ4/DJ6 /DJ4A/DJ6A.This has the long tail bracket.
  • Condenser 54411935 / DSB10554411935 / DCB105 condensor to fit 20D8 distributor, on V8 Daimlers & Rolls Royce.
  • 54413006 condenser fits DKY4 & DKYH4 distributors, for most T series MG's54413006 condenser fits DKY4 & DKYH4 distributors, for most T series MG's.
  • Lucas condenser number 423871A very high quality condenser, made in the old fashioned way, with soldered wire connections, and a correctly made foot which allows the condenser to sit down securely into the baseplate as originally intended so it won't vibrate & fail prematurely.
    Lucas condenser number 423871
    I've been supplying these to Racers & Classic Rally competitors for four years & not had a single failure.
    Lucas number 423871 / GSC111, GSC2111.
    Suitable for DM2,DM6, 22D, 23D, 25D distributors.
  • Works Condenser 012Lucas Racing Department made a competition condenser for fitting to the 23D4 distributor as used by many "Works" Rally and Race cars, BMC, Mini Coopers & Sebring cars, Ford, Lotus Twin Cams & Rootes. It was encapsulated & soldered into a cage & securely bolted to the baseplate to help eradicate vibration & oscillation at high rpm.
    We have remade this part with a very high quality condenser and now offer it for sale as a kit with the necessary cap screw & nyloc.
    We also have remade 23D4 baseplates.
  • Condensor 54425179 45DNew top quality resin potted condenser to fit 43D,45D and 59D distributors.

    The same high build quality as our well established earlier types.

    Lucas numbers 54425179, DCB104.
  • Delco 829111,829107,1861709,1866049,18655972, 1869704,1882239, Lucas 54420868, DCB703, UNIPART, GSC104Due to long term pleading from  Triumph & Rolls/Bentley owners , we've departed from our "Lucas only" stance and made a top quality resin potted condenser to suit all the Delco condenser equipped smaller engined Triumphs, many Rolls/Bentley/Bristol applications and a myriad of 1940's and 1950's cars too.
    The Delco condenser numbers are: 829111,829107,1861709,1866049,18655972, 1869704,1882239.
    Lucas numbers: 54420868, DCB703, UNIPART, GSC104.

  • Lucas condenser 5441082318D2 distributor condenser, top quality properly manufactured by us.
    Lucas number 54410823. Fits most British twins of the 1960's.