Top quality RED ROTOR ARMS for Lucas distributors

I decided to make them in RED to differentiate them from the inferior black ones commonly available, and launched two sizes in the UK as a top quality, totally reliable solution in 2008.

Like most good ideas, we’ve suffered from low grade pirated copies being sold very cheaply, so BEWARE CHEAP COPIES OF MY RED ROTOR ARMS.
As of late Spring 2012 all my genuine red rotors will bear the DD marking.

We will gladly advise customers of Bona Fide sources to eradicate this problem quickly and positively. We now have 6 part numbers available in the RED ROTOR ARMS range, which cover virtually every Lucas distributor from the mid 1930’s onwards.

Please refer to the photos on the right.


Modelled on the original, dependable 1960's design, but made from modern materials on the latest machinery to very close tolerances.

These 100% LUCAS COMPATIBLE RED ROTOR ARMS* will not let you down.

The integrally moulded brass inlay dispenses with the troublesome rivet used on most versions which is known to short circuit.

The increased insulation properties of the body makes them suitable for use with high voltage coils & electronic ignition kits.

The spring steel clip on the underside, in conjunction with a revised internal tolerance assures a really snug fit, even on old & slightly reduced diameter mountings.

Six sizes are available now, together covering most Lucas equipped cars up to the mid 1970’s.


Part numbers:

  • 400051
  • 418726
  • 54422803 43D, 45D 59D
  • 400052
  • 418731 Aston Martin , Alvis
  • 425620 Daimler V8, Daimler Dart, Rolls Royce




* These red rotor arms are of my manufacture, not Lucas, the name & part numbers are included for reference only & to distinguish their fitment from Delco & Autolite applications.


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