Makes & models

Distributor Doctor can recondition all models of Lucas distributors from the 1940s up to the late 1970s.

We specialise in the following manufacturers, but also undertake work on a wide range of others. If you don't see yours listed, please contact us - we can almost certainly help you!

Most popular makes:


Reconditioned distributors also available for:

AC, Allard Alvis, Armstrong Siddeley, Aston Martin, Austin, Austin Healey
Bentley, Bond, Bristol
Caterham, Clan
Daimler, Dellow
Fairthorpe, Ford
Gilbern, Ginetta
Healey, Hillman, Humber
Jaguar, Jensen, Jowett
Lanchester, Landrover, Lea Francis, Lotus
Marcos, MG, Mini, Morgan,
Reliant, Riley, Rochdale, Rover,
Singer, Standard, Sunbeam,
VandenPlas, Vauxhall

Distributor types covered:

  • 15D1
  • 18D2
  • 20D8
  • 22D6
  • 23D4
  • 25D4
  • 25D6
  • 43D
  • 45D
  • D2A4
  • D2AH4
  • DK4A
  • DKH4A
  • DKX1A
  • DKX2A
  • DKY
  • DKY4A
  • DKYH4A
  • DM2
  • DM2P4
  • DM6A
  • DMBZ6
  • DMZ6
  • DU8A
  • DUH8A
  • DVX4A
  • DVXH6A
  • DX6A
  • DXH6A
  • DY6A
  • DZ6A